Uses for Vyew

Meet and Present

Give presentations, host webinars, or conduct team meetings. Leave content available for access over time.

With Vyew you can conduct meetings in real time using a shared workspace, webcam, voice over IP (VoIP), free teleconferencing, text chat and desktop sharing. In addition to uploading, sharing and presenting content you can invite participants to annotate and collaborate on content during the meeting. Participants can be allowed to navigate the workspace independently to collaborate on different portions of the content. You can also record the meeting for playback.

Vyew goes beyond real-time web conferencing by providing an always-on workspace that participants can access at their convenience. The meeting room and content are always available for review and collaboration until the moderator removes access.

A sample Vyew Room meeting

Below is a sample Vyew Room that illustrates the use of Vyew for meetings and presentations.

> Vyew Overview
This Vyew Room contains an introduction to Vyew and a mini tutorial demonstrating its main features.

Page last updated: Aug 2008