Uses For Vyew

Review and Annotate

Upload, create, and collaborate on content with your team or customers.

Vyew eliminates the need to email files to reviewers and then reconcile their changes. Instead, Vyew provides an always-on workspace that reviewers and content creators can access and annotate at their convenience.

Vyew also provides a transparent process for review and annotation. All participants can see each other’s comments and arrive at a final version more easily and quickly than emailing their comments to the content owner. Sidebar comments provide a contextual forum for discussions that can be filtered by user and flagged to indicate their status.

Clients, consultants and other collaborators outside your organization can easily access the workspace anytime with no software to install. Furthermore, you can upload, create and collaborate on almost any type of content in Vyew regardless of the software or platform used to create it.

Vyew’s always-on clear-view workspaces provide the environment that you and your collaborators need to review and annotate content together in real time or independently over time.

Sample Vyew Rooms
Bluecoat Animation Design Example
This Vyew Room includes the work schedule, storyboards, script and rewviewer annotations for a promotional animation video.
Bluecoat Animation Design Example
This Vyew Room includes brochures, a contract, a catering order and table and booth designs for trade shows.

Page last updated: Oct 2010