Uses For Vyew

Vyew has a broad range of applications and uses for small to medium-sized businesses and education providers. Here are
a few ways Vyew is empowering users:

Meet and Present

Give presentations, host webinars, or conduct team meetings. Leave content available for access over time.

With Vyew you can conduct meetings in real time using a shared workspace, webcam, voice over IP (VoIP), free teleconferencing, text chat and desktop sharing. In addition to uploading, sharing and presenting content you can invite participants to annotate and collaborate on content during the meeting. Participants can be allowed to navigate the workspace independently to collaborate on different portions of the content. You can also record the meeting for playback.

Vyew goes beyond real-time web conferencing by providing an always-on workspace that participants can access at their convenience. The meeting room and content are always available for review and collaboration until the moderator removes access.

Sample Vyew Room
Vyew Overview
This Vyew Room contains an introduction to Vyew and a mini tutorial demonstrating its main features.

Review and Annotate

Upload, create, and collaborate on content with your team or customers.

Vyew eliminates the need to email files to reviewers and then reconcile their changes. Instead, Vyew provides an always-on workspace that reviewers and content creators can access and annotate at their convenience.

Vyew also provides a transparent process for review and annotation. All participants can see each other’s comments and arrive at a final version more easily and quickly than emailing their comments to the content owner. Sidebar comments provide a contextual forum for discussions that can be filtered by user and flagged to indicate their status.

Clients, consultants and other collaborators outside your organization can easily access the workspace anytime with no software to install. Furthermore, you can upload, create and collaborate on almost any type of content in Vyew regardless of the software or platform used to create it.

Vyew’s always-on clear-view workspaces provide the environment that you and your collaborators need to review and annotate content together in real time or independently over time.

Sample Vyew Rooms
Bluecoat Animation Design Example
This Vyew Room includes the work schedule, storyboards, script and rewviewer annotations for a promotional animation video.
Bluecoat Animation Design Example
This Vyew Room includes brochures, a contract, a catering order and table and booth designs for trade shows.

Educate and Train

Create and upload course content for real-time and anytime collaborative and active learning.

Educational researchers agree that students learn best by collaborating rather than by independently studying and passively listening to lectures or video on demand. With Vyew, instructors can upload course material for real-time presentations and then students at any grade level can meet online and collaborate together in real time or separately over time. Instructors can then access and comment on student work with the students or at their convenience.

Vyew provides a multi-modal environment for education and training. Almost any content can be uploaded to or created in Vyew for a rich, interactive environment that includes interactive Flash learning objects, audio, video, graphics, presentations, spreadsheets and text.

Sample Vyew Rooms
Elementary School Creative Writing Assignment
In this Vyew Room students are asked to review a set of images, come up with a story, arrange the images in a way that best reflects their story and write their story based on their arrangement of the images.
Medical Education Application
This Vyew Room contains multi-modal lab results and various scans that medical students can use to create a diagnosis. It also includes links to guidelines that help the students in their thinking and a space for them to include their summary report.
Methods of Manufacturing Improvement
This Vyew Room contains introductory material, announcements, assignments and solutions for a course on manufacturing improvement.

Business Uses


  • Give sales presentations and product demos.
  • Do team selling – invite experts to answer customer questions.
  • Train field sales remotely.
  • Post estimates or contracts and walk through them with prospects and customers to get instant sign-offs on changes.


  • Drive sales leads by conducting webinars to targeted audiences.
  • Collaborate on marketing plans.
  • Conduct reviews of advertising campaign materials with your ad agency – save money by not having to handle review cycles face-to-face.
  • Post new marketing content for review and comments by your manager and executives – use Vyew’s filtering capability to easily see who added what.

Customer Service

  • Load support content and go over it with customers having trouble with your product.
  • Use Desktop Sharing to show customers how to solve a problem, or see what their problem is.
  • Bring in an off-site expert or a manager to assist with technical problems or quality concerns.

Engineering, Research & Development

  • Outsource and collaborate with developers or designers located across the globe.
  • Overcome cultural and language differences by using visual communication.
  • Review product iterations and leave detailed annotations regarding desired changes.
  • Keep a historical record of change requests or production status over time.
  • Load floor plans, 3D renderings, blue prints and pictures of progress made over time for review and comments


  • Share spreadsheets and financial data, models, and discuss “what if" scenarios.
  • Share financial results with executives and your investor relations team in advance of quarterly earnings releases.
  • Host a Web meeting with financial analysts covering your company’s financial performance.
  • Show accounts payable or receivable reports to help regional managers manage cash flow.
  • Post contracts or customer invoices and add comments to resolve payment disputes.
  • Educate employees regarding expense reports.

Human Resources 

  • Train new hires on corporate policies and laws that must be complied with.
  • Educate employees about employee stock purchase plans or changes to corporate policy.
  • Invite financial service providers to give your employees ‘lunch briefs’ about their products and services.
  • Ask recruiters to post resumes in for your review and ratings all in one place.

Vertical Business Uses 

  • Real Estate - put together rich property listings using a variety of content from different sources; hold virtual open houses; host first-time home buyer seminars; put together a portfolio of options for buyers to choose for viewings; ask home owners to post photos or screen captures from the web showing what they like
  • Insurance – upload pictures of damaged property, mark affected areas, and insert annotations for review by adjusters.
  • Medical/Dental – upload x-rays or scans for review by other specialists to help make a diagnosis; show patients having surgery anatomical diagrams of what’s wrong and what’s going to happen during surgery; insert diagrams of physical or occupational therapy exercises for patients to do at home
  • Property Managers – give guided tours to prospective tenants; annotate move-in/move-out pictures to explain why you are retaining a portion of their damage deposit
  • Programmers – load database diagrams and clearly mark column relationships; post code that won’t compile for assistance by peers; propose new architecture changes to make programs more scalable or perform faster
  • Electrical Engineers – load circuit board diagrams for review; post designs and component lists for vendors to bid on
  • Textiles – load proposed fashion designs for review and comment; host an online fashion show where you preview your wares to retailers; post outfits for customer or peer feedback on colors, fit and more
  • Transportation – load routes, directions, bills of lading, and invoices for review with suppliers or customers


  • Have impromptu meetings with teammates while working on team projects.
  • Add visual communication to your daily instant message strings with teammates – get quick answers to questions and speed-up sharing of information.
  • Post iterations and solicit team feedback and keep a record of who contributed what.
  • Keep track of progress against task lists – post to-do lists and have teammates check-off what’s completed and post their completed work to integrate into the final project.

Educational Uses


  • Host online classroom sessions for correspondence courses with real-time interaction.
  • Be available to students online during office hours, not just in-person at your office.
  • Post course syllabuses and reading material in Vyew’s File Storage for easy access by students.
  • Collaborate with peers at other colleges or universities on research, papers, and projects.
  • Use Vyew as a way to solicit anonymous feedback from your students –
    • grant them guest access to a Vyew Room where they can annotate or use text-chat to post suggestions or concerns. 


  • Tutor students remotely – use Vyew as a tool to generate more income from your experience and expertise.
  • Allow students to review their tutor sessions and post questions when you're not available


  • Work on group projects together – outline responsibilities, plan milestones, post your contributions for review, and comment on others’ work.
  • Post group project files in Vyew’s File Storage to ensure everyone has access to the latest version.
  • Tutor, share answers to homework, prep for exams, and share class notes with your peers.
  • Plan social activities.



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Page last updated: Jan 2008