VyewMyPC FEATURES              
  • Completely browser-based:
    Supports any browser with no software to install
  • Webcam support
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) and free conference calling
  • Text chat
  • Whiteboarding
  • Advanced features tab for easy access to more features of Vyew

Why VyewMyPC?

  • Instant use from any computer
    No installation
  • Cross-Platform
    Share from Windows or Mac.
    Viewers can also be on Linux
  • It's free!

What you could use it for:

  • Give a presentation
    Let up to 20 people instantly view what is on your own computer
  • Teach someone
    Let a friend or colleague view your computer while you show them how to perform a task
  • Browse the Web together
    Allow people to follow you as you browse the Web, shop for houses, post a craigslist ad, or research your next adventure
  • It's free!

About Vyew

VyewMyPC.com is a quickstart solution offered by Vyew.com. Vyew.com is more than just desktop sharing. It is a powerful platform for real-time and always-on interaction between people and content.
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