Partner Programs

Vyew is open for business and offers partnerships at varying levels for persons or companies that want to promote, distribute or resell Vyew's next-generation technology:

Integrating your app with Vyew

Have a web app or software product? You can now integrate with Vyew to offer free web conferencing and collaboration to your users:

  • Instantly create meeting rooms for your users
  • Push users and content into meeting rooms
  • Create custom plugins that live inside Vyew

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Affiliate Program

Refer users to Vyew and share revenue with Vyew when those users become paid subscribers. This program is designed for:

  • Companies of all sizes that want to help advertise one of the best and fastest growing online collaboration and web conferencing services
  • Web site owners
  • Bloggers
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Distributor Program

Refer users to a custom-branded version of Vyew: Every time your users log-in, they see your company's branding. When those users become paid subscribers, Vyew shares revenue with you. This program is designed for:

  • Internet service providers
  • Application service providers
  • Web-related business owners
  • Companies wanting to quickly and easily offer a value-added service to their customers

This program is similar to our Affiliate Program with the additional benefit of custom branding and a higher revenue share for qualified partners.

Reseller Program

Leverage Vyew technology, in whole or in part, to create your own unique application(s). The Vyew reseller program allows companies to offer unique features and functions to their customers, either within another product, as a product extension, or as an entirely new offering.

  • Companies with niche or vertical applications for Vyew
  • Companies wanting to offer a new or unique value-added service to their customers
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Page last updated: Jan 2008